For some it is going to be Working Hard at your job so you can Play Harder by blowing off steam at whatever revs your engine. It could be running, cycling, boating, surfing, golfing, fishing or riding your Harley. For others it is Working Hard in practice, off season, or the gym so that when the game is on the line; you can Play Harder!


Rogue wear in Lewiston Maine, started in

1969.We manufacturing Hockey bags, gear

bags and athletic bags for colleges and teams.

We are now adding a lifestyle aspect with the

Work hard Play Harder lines of bag, apparel &



WHPH produces a wide selection of t-shirts,

performance apparel, hats & accessories to show

off how you Play Harder. Show the world that you

work hard and let them know how you play even


Work Hard

Work Hard

something you do

Work how you live

Live how you play


WHPH Hybrid backpack is the signature bag of

the line. It can be used for a multitude lifestyle

activities. We also carry a number of other bags to

suit your particular needs.


Enjoy your life beyond 9 to 5. Stay connected

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We have the gear to suit all your Work Hard-Play Harder needs.

Whatever you do in life….Work Hard-Play Harder!

Play Hard

Play Hard

something you are

Play hard

Like this day will never end

Our Team

Audrey Machowski

Audrey Machowski

Audrey has spent the past 20 years working in the insurance industry and is a Commercial Underwriting Manager. She works full time and balances her work and home life while training for marathons and triathlons.

Debbie Rodrigue


Debbie has been an elementary and special education teacher at various inner city schools for the past 20 year. As a runner she has accomplished her own personal records in 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, marathons and most recently a triatholon.



Jeanelle has a full-time job in graphic design & marketing, and is also a professional portrait artist. She is an avid runner and competes in many running events, including road races, trail races, and obstacle races.

James Machowski

James Machowski cropped

James works as a residential building contractor. He is an accomplished marathoner, running 11 marathons. He most recently ran in the Boston Marathon, completing it in his personal best time of 3:00:55.

Kevin Woodin


Kevin is working as a sales director for www.lenoir-tech.com, a Management logistics business focusing on software that gets the job done right. Kevin enjoys competing in Stand Up Paddle board races. He also pushes himself in all types of endurance sports such as running marathons and biking century rides.

Steve Bang


Steve is the father of eight children and actively serves in the ecclesiastical leadership of his church. He is also a general surgeon who has sub-specialized into Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery. An avid runner, he has run all of the standard distance races up to and including several marathons and as now finished 5 full Ironman races.

Mark Rodrigue

SUP Harder

Mark is the owner or Work Hard Play Harder and the parent company Rogue Wear. He works hard along side his 16 faith employees to get great products out to their customers. He enjoys Stand Up Paddling and Paddle surfing along with spending as much time on the boat with his wife Deb & Stanley.

Stanley the Mascot


Stanley is the Official Mascot of Rogue Wear & Work Hard Play Harder. He is responsible for employee moral and encouragement. He loves to fetch the Frisbee one or two throws and then take a break and look for the treats.

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize them.

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